Help: How to play the game

The app's main view displays graphical reversi-board & pieces, and some controls ("Menu" button to open sidebar, information about current game and "Restart" button).

Reversi Reflex game main view and sidebar

Move selection during game

In your play-turn, choose a move by touch, mouse or keyboard as follows.

You can put a piece only in legal position (indicated by small disc guide marks). When there is no legal move available, you automatically "Pass" and play turn switches back to the opponent.

Sidebar tab: Home

Game controls

*If there is an ongoing game, you give it up and start a new game.

Move recording

All the moves players make are automatically recorded in common format.

Sidebar tab: Statistics

Statistics lists summaries of total game results (#win, #loss and #draw in each play-level). Select an item to see details of results in that level.

Sidebar tab: Settings

Sidebar tab: Help

*This feature may not be shown if it's not available in your market.